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Our Sales Force is Imaginary

One of the reasons why GFX can standardize prices is because we don’t have sales people like a traditional print shop would. Nor do we need a large advertising budget. Many new customers find us through Internet search engines. However, our most effective means of advertising is the old fashioned, “word of mouth” method. GFX online color card printing is the type of service that people like you are delighted to ‘discover’. Then they’re eager to pass along our web site to friends and business associates.

Considerate Customers Help Sell GFX Services to New Customers

Many customers do more than recommend us. They wrote and told us how pleased they were with their GFX printing and the efficient online ordering process. We’ve reproduced some of these customer comments here. We know that many potential new users of online printing services are reassured by customer comments like these. It’s something you can directly relate to. We hope that when your project is printed and delivered, just the way you imagined it, that you’ll feel like sending us a note like these.

"...awesome print job!!!
Thanks so much for getting them to me in time to hand out for tonight's festival launch event.

                                     -- Christine C., Neosport Photography
                                        (GFX provided 24 hour business cards)


"I received my cards etc. today and am very pleased with the quality and service, and particularly your communication. Thanks so much! I will recommend you to others with pleasure."

                                      -- Jo, Manga artist in Toronto , January, 2011.


"The business cards look great. Thanks for the quick turnaround. Now I can shmooze properly this holiday season."

                                        -- Rob, Swizzle., December, 2010.


"I just got the postcards and they look great! Many thanks. I like this possibility to print a small quantity for a less price.

Have a nice day.+

                                         -- PPP, artist in Montreal, December, 2010.


"Everything arrived Monday (which is about as fast as possible without access to science fiction), and looks great. Congrats and thanks to all..."

-- Linda Carson, big black pig studio, Ontario, Canada


"As always your response & customer service has been exceptional. Thanks."

-- Venky [Venkatesh Baburajendran] New Jersey, USA

"My new business cards ... have just arrived as promised. They are beautiful. Thank you. In this day of mass production and non-existent customer care, I am quite impressed with the superior service I received from you. I can't believe the quality you deliver at such a low price. You will definitely be hearing back from me with another order."
-- Jocey, Jocey Designs, Ontario, Canada

"... Great deal! I don't know how you do it. Everyone else seems to be twice as expensive as GFX to begin with."

 -- J.Simone. Three Pyramids Publishing North Carolina, USA

"I really wanted to thank you for your help with the cards. They turned out great and we were very happy with everything. I will have no problem referring people to you!"

-- Nigel Da Costa, CB-MEDIA, Toronto, Canada