It Figures We’d Make it Easier
To Figure Out Your Cost

On some online printing sites, the hardest part can be figuring out your actual cost. We understand your budgeting needs and your need to have numbers that are more than just an ‘estimate’, and have the costs quickly. At GFX Printing, our policy is to clearly spell out all costs, including shipping and special art requirements. There are no hidden costs. We’ve simplified the estimating process and we’ll even “do the math” for you.

GFX is located in the Toronto, Canada area (Mississauga).

Please browse the various products for pricing information which also includes a shipping calculator.

If you'd like an accurate shipping price, please provide your Zip/Postal Code.

Optional Services (Add-Ons) include perforating, round cornering, scoring, folding, etc. Please be specific if you would like an accurate quote.

Please take a moment to review the information before submitting.

Estimates are only available for Canadian and Continental United States residents and businesses.

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GFX Printing
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