How to Order

First, select a product from the Product List

      a) Within the product page, scroll down to see a calculator which also includes shipping;

Within the product page,Upload your files.

1) If you select Upload Your Design (Fast Checkout), we still recommend that you go into the Design Studio by selecting Custom Design to ensure your files fit the dimensions of the product you want to order. Make sure your artwork goes directly up to the 0″ (no white borders which cause unsightly white edges);

Ordering Multiple Products

If you are ordering a number of sets of cards, or multiple products, you can add up to 30+ items into the shopping cart and shipping is only charged once:

a) We recommend you create a login if you are ordering multiple products. This way, our system will “remember” what you’ve added to the shopping cart so you can easily continue.

b) When you’ve added all the items to the shopping cart, there will be a button at or near the bottom of the page that says “Continue Shopping” or “Checkout”.

At this point, it should be self-explanatory.

After uploading your files, you’ll begin the ordering and checkout process where you can select size, quantity and shipping options;

— OR —

2) If you select Custom Design (see ** IMPORTANT ** below), you’ll be directed to the Design Studio where you can use your files, our files or a combination of both;

** IMPORTANT ** if you want to save your design, either to work on it later, or to create multiple sets, or if you think you need to leave the site, we strongly recommend you create a login so you can save your files.Our site is not meant to keep your files for more than a short period of time unless you place an order, or if you go all the way to checkout section without ordering: your designs will be lost forever in these instances.
Once you are happy with your design, select Save Artwork & Buy Now to begin the checkout process;

— OR —

3) If you select Browse Photo Collection*, you can search for images you want to use in your cards. When you are happy with the design, select “Save Artwork & Buy Now” to begin the ordering and checkout process.

* We recommend that you do a search of images (select “Stock Photos” from the very top of the page) before going into the design studio because we do not have a search function from within the design studio and with almost 20,000 images and layouts, it can take you a very long time to go through them. If you search images first, once you find an image to use, you’ll then be asked to select a product.
If you have any questions regarding the ordering process, please feel free to contact us by filling out the Contact form.

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