Print previews are not a safe and sure measuring tool for colour accuracy. Colours will be affected by monitor calibration, screen resolution and lighting, just to name a few. Many Pantones (and all RGB colours) shift when converted to CMYK process; in particular all bright blues, including Reflex Blue, will convert to purple. It is the designer’s responsibility to manually tweak all Pantones that are known to have CMYK conversion issues.

If you are converting Reflex Blue or other bright blues to CMYK, you’ll need to reduce the Magenta to less than 75% and then reduce yellow and likely increase black; you’ll have to play around with the ink values until you are happy with the blue. Otherwise, be prepared to get purple output with a straight Pantone to CMYK conversion.

Please make sure all colours are in CMYK mode for colour accuracy and a better quality output.

The fee for us to try to match Pantones or RGB to CMYK is $85.00 per hour, but note that they will never be a perfect match due to all the factors involved in CMYK, offset printing, and gang printing.