Effective March, 2015: Online, we archive your files and orders for approximately 2 years beginning with March, 2014 online archives. However, we maintain an offline backup of all files for up to 5 years whether you placed an order as a Guest or have a Registered Login.

If you placed an order more than a year ago and cannot find your files online, all you have to do is place another order online requesting an “exact reprint of Order #….”.

** IMPORTANT: We can only reprint a previous order based on the above time periods if you have the order number. We cannot find orders based on names.

If you used the design studio and your artwork is no longer available, you will unfortunately have to create the files again if you need to make changes to the layout. We will try to locate the previous design and follow the layout so your cards will retain consistency and you have provided the original order number associated with the printing.

We strongly recommend you create a login so you can locate order numbers and files for future use.

If you created a design but did not order within 24-48 hours, your files will be deleted from our servers.

Please contact us by filling out our contact form if you require further information about your previous files or orders.